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Every 80 Years

“The reason history must repeat itself is because we pay so little attention to it the first time.” -Blackie Sherrod

Go back in time to the early 1940’s.  What was happening?  Easy question… World War II.

Go back another 80 years to the 1860’s.  What was happening?  Another easy question… The Civil War.

Go back another 80 years to the 1780’s.  What was happening?  If you said The Revolutionary War, you get an A for history.

See a pattern?

It goes back for centuries through the Western World.  1700’s? Great Northern War. 1620’s? The Thirty Year War and so on…

Every eighty years, like clockwork.  In fact, there is a well documented pattern of a shift between two general mentalities of the population of the Western World, a shift between the two extremes of “Me” and “We” that has been swinging like a pendulum for the last 3000 years.  It takes eighty years to complete a cycle from one extreme to the other and back again.

We’re currently heading toward the peak extreme of another “We” generation, one that has caused wars and conflicts for centuries.  Knowing these two extremes, how we get there as a population and what to expect as we approach another peak is possibly the most important information you can have.

I want you to have this info.  

I have been studying this pendulum swing since the first time I heard about it from Roy H. Williams at Wizard Academy in 2005 and the evidence blew me away.  I’ve seen it in the toy industry, in the baby industry, in retail as a whole.  I’ve seen it in politics, in advertising, in the movies and music.  I’ve seen it in our schools, in our homes and even online.  Now Roy has teamed up with Michael Drew to present you with two ways to understand this pendulum shift and how it affects the world around you better than ever before.

The first is their book which launched today – Pendulum (link to Amazon order page but don’t go there until you read the next paragraph).

The second is the creation of the Pendulum in Action website.  Follow that link and it will take you to a special offer where you can get the book for only the cost of shipping ($7) and also get access to five modules/presentations on the Pendulum Swing and how to understand it from the perspective of your business.

Talk about ROI?  Those will be the best seven dollars you spend.     Ever.      Go click that second link now.

-Phil Wrzesinski

PS  If it isn’t the best $7 you spent on your business, tell me why.  I’ll send you something else also worth more than $7 to make up for it.  Yeah, I believe it that much I’m willing to stand behind someone else’s work with my own money.

PPS Yes, the pattern says in the 2020’s we could most certainly be at war.  I’m not trying to sound apocalyptic or anything, but the pattern has existed for millennium   Knowing it and knowing what to do about it are the first steps to preventing the worst from happening.

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