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Getting Internet Customers Back Into Your Store

March 25, 2019

I did a mash-up of two presentations at an event for the pet store industry last week. I took elements from Selling in a Showrooming World and Generating Word-of-Mouth and put them into a new presentation we called “Getting Internet Customers Back Into Your Store.” It worked. One of the… Read more

How to Get a Block of Time to Work ON Your Business

March 14, 2019

The phone rings. The email dings. The customer clings. The UPS driver brings. When you run a retail store, your schedule is not your own. Too many distractions, too many variables, too many interruptions for you to get any kind of time to work ON your business. Yet if you… Read more

I’ll Get Right Back to You

March 7, 2019

You know those little red numbers on your iPhone? The ones telling you how many unread emails and texts you might have? I hate those numbers. I am obsessed with getting rid of them. You should be, too. I know you’re already too busy. You barely have enough time to… Read more

When a Raise Isn’t a Raise

March 4, 2019

A friend of mine posed an interesting question a few weeks ago. He asked, “How much of a raise should you expect each year?” In light of what is happening with the Sonic restaurants in Ohio, that is a valid question. The problem is that the answer has too many… Read more

Upgrades Versus Shifts – Choose Wisely

February 26, 2019

Back in the 1990’s we had four big spiral notebooks on a table in the office. I’m talking huge, four-inch-wide, thick plastic covered, heavy-duty spiral notebooks. They contained our Inventory Sheets and tracked all the inventory in our store by vendor, item number, and price. My dad created these sheets.… Read more

Different Eyes See Products Differently (And That’s Okay)

February 22, 2019

I got a new laptop. While I was preparing to transfer files from the old laptop, I figured now was a good time to purge. I went through all the document files one by one, deleted all the duplicates, consolidated all the pictures, and opened up files I haven’t seen… Read more

Merchandising Rules Never Really Change

February 15, 2019

I was unloading boxes of toys and trying to organize them on the shelves in our booth at Toy Fair. This is a new role for me. I’ve only ever seen these trade shows after everything is set up. I’ve never had to navigate the aisles filled with shipping crates,… Read more

Your Sales Rep is Your Best Friend

February 12, 2019

Twenty-five years ago I invited two sales reps to my wedding. I didn’t know them before I was working at Toy House. I didn’t know them from outside Toy House. Our relationship in life happened purely through our relationship at the store. Yes, I’ve been thinking a lot about sales… Read more