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“[Hiring and the Potter’s Wheel] is an easy read and worth the money.”
-Connie Hoeft, CR Toys, Kearney, NE


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Who Should Read This Book?

If you write content designed to persuade other people, you need this book. If you create ads, whether for broadcast, print, or digital release, you need this book.

If you wonder why we tune in to watch the ads on Super Bowl Sunday then do everything in our power to avoid ads the other 364 days a year, you will enjoy reading this book. 

If you have a favorite store you wish could do a better job of getting the word out about their awesomeness, you need to give them this book.

(Note: This book is now available for FREE as a downloadable pdf!)

Hiring and the Potter's Wheel Book Cover

Hiring and the Potter’s Wheel
Turning Your Staff Into a Work of Art
(by Philip C. Wrzesinski)



Who Should Read This Book?

If you are responsible for hiring and training your team, no matter how big or small, this book is for you.

All other books on hiring tell you to “hire for experience”, yet you know people with twenty years of retail experience who are still lousy at it. This book shows you a completely different way to hire that consistently helps you find the right people and train them the right way.

What People are Saying About “Hiring and the Potter’s Wheel”

“I just read the book last night, cover to cover – I loved it! The steps laid out in this book are so easy to follow…common sense really. The story was one that you didn’t want to put down. Following the process of someone learning pottery was a beautiful way of describing just how we are to create a “work of art” staff. Thanks, Phil!.” –Julie Wells- Imagination Station, Franklin, IN

“Hiring and inspiring new employees can be a scary difficult task. Phil’s book makes it a more human process; one that works. At the same time he confirms what we all know intuitively: it can be, even should be, fun.” –Joel D Canfield, Author & Writing Coach – SomedayBox.com

“What a wonderful book! I will certainly be recommending it to a few people. The story really made for a quick, relaxing read but with a remarkable number of “take-aways” to apply back on the job. It is, frankly, one of the better business books I have read (and I have read quite a number!) because in a short time you walk away with tips to use immediately. “ –Gina Abudi, MBA – Partner/VP Strategic Solutions

“Phil, Just finished reading your book, and I loved it! Perfect length. Easy to follow. Beautifully written. Seriously, pulling off dialogue like that is incredibly difficult to do, and it deepens one’s understanding and appreciation for the lessons you taught. The topology between hiring and pottery was spot on. I’ve done a poor job of hiring employees in the past, and really wish I had this step-by-step process when I owned my retail business years ago. I especially like the tip about giving new employees a safe place to practice their new skills. How true!” –Tom Wanek – Marketing Beyond Advertising

“We can tell which dads have gone through [Phil]’s class. Those are the dads we love to see.”
-Nurses at Allegiance Health

Welcome to the Club Daddy Book

Welcome to the Club, Daddy
All the Secrets About Becoming a Father
(That No One is Telling You)
(by Philip C. Wrzesinski)


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Who should Read This Book?

If you are about to become a father or have just recently become a father, this book is for you. 

Every month I teach a class for expectant dads at the local hospital to help them understand how their life is going to change and their role in all the changes. A few years ago an out-of-town friend asked what I was teaching in the class. I wrote it down. It is worth the read.

(Even the expectant moms and expectant grandparents enjoy it!)

What People are Saying About “Welcome to the Club, Daddy”

“Thank you for the book, “Welcome to the Club, Daddy.” I really enjoyed the read. In my dive into pregnancy and early fatherhood books, I have largely been disappointed. Call me a feminist, but the majority of these books are way too backwards. However, this book was short and to the point. His experiences, as a father, teacher, and store owner, are poignant. It was a highly entertaining and useful book to read. Each night, I looked forward to jumping into bed and reading the book.” – Derrick Blodgett

“What in the world did I get myself into?!” is the prayer of every new dad. With Phil’s signature arm around you with the comfort and humor of an old friend, he guides new dads into this milestone adventure. From the Dirty Laundry Trick (so simple and brilliant) to secrets of packing a diaper bag, the new dad will be armed with right-on-target info about financials, emotional challenges and practical tips from a man whose been there, done that and lived to write about it. I highly recommend it!” – Janet Pillsbury

Good books“Phil’s advice is indispensable. This book is more than a just a quick read with passing advice. It’s information that us Dads need to have. I can’t tell you how many times I referred back to the book. It even helped me figure out how to deal with crying and changing diapers. Thanks for taking the time to put this together. Because of this book, my wife really learned to trust in my capabilities as a father. The best thing I heard from her was, ‘Where did you learn that?’ ” -Steve Bennett