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Christmas Quick Tip #1 – Thank You

It’s the busy season. You don’t have time for a lengthy blog with stories and explanations. So to make your life easier, now through December 21st I’m going to post simple, quick tips you can use and share with your staff to raise the bar for your customers. (Don’t ask questions. Just do these things and it will make a difference.)

Here is tip #1 …


Remind yourself and your staff to always say, “Thank You,” to every customer. Never say “Here you go,” or “No problem.” 

Even when a customer says Thank you to you first, you respond with a thanks or use Chick-fil-A’s, “My pleasure.” Say it and mean it. Those customers have choices and they chose you. Be sincerely thankful.

One study showed that 68% of people switched loyalty in stores because of indifference. Be grateful and you’ll never have that problem.

You cannot say “Thank you!” enough!

-Phil Wrzesinski

PS Thank you for reading and sharing this blog.

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