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But Why Would I Need That?

You can lead a horse to water…

My friend, Rick, is a successful dentist with a wonderful practice. He has learned some principles along the way that he shares with other dentists. Good stuff, too, that makes a difference in their practices.

My friend, Chris, is an amazing visual artist. He is responsible for making my powerpoint slides much more impactful and meaningful. He has interesting insights on being an artist in a digital age. He makes a difference for starving artists.

My friend, Joel, put both of my books together. Did the covers, the layout, prepped them for printing. He does that for anyone who wants to self-publish. And he’s darn good at it.

I teach classes for independent retailers wanting to take it to the next level. Eye-popping and jaw-dropping revelations on what it takes to be successful in this business climate.

We are all out there to help others succeed. And we all hear the same thing from people we know we could help.

But why would I need that?

Why would a dentist need to learn about marketing?
Why would an artist need to learn about communication?
Why would someone smart enough to write a book need an editor or designer or professional layout?
Why would an independent retailer who already opened a shop need help on running a retail business?

Rick is a dentist. Rick invests time learning about best marketing practices for dentists, learning new ways to serve customers, learning new ways to attract patients, learning new ways to communicate.

Chris is an artist. Chris invests time learning new ways to market his art, learning new ways to make his communications more effective, learning new ways to be successful in this age.

Joel is an author. Joel invests time learning how to self-publish books, learning new ways to build platforms, learning new ways to create websites, use social media, and design professional looking books.

I am a retailer. I invest time learning how to advertise my store, learning how to manage my inventory, learning how to hire and train, learning how to understand the financial side of retail.

All these guys are successful. They never asked the question… Why would I need that? Instead, they invested the time to learn.

You can lead a horse to water…  …and if you can get him to float on his back and paddle, then you’ve got something.

You are a ___________. How are you investing your time?

-Phil Wrzesinski

PS If your answer is, “I don’t have any time to invest,” might I suggest that if you start investing now, you’ll find the time?


  1. Sometimes I wanna open a retail store just so I can learn from you.

    Good stuff, as always, and not because you got my name in there twice.

    Last night, reviewing a book from 1992 called "Secrets from the Lost Art of Common Sense Marketing" the two brothers who wrote it mention that after quickly growing a retail business to millions of dollars in sales per year, they stopped learning and growing, and pretty soon profits were sinking like a stone.

    These guys were smart enough to ramp up quickly to enormous success, but then they forgot that learning is earning.

    The rest of the book makes it clear they learned that lesson.

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