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Selling in a Showrooming World

Information wants to be free.
Everyone has a smartphone.
Much of what you sell can be purchased online – often for less.
It has never been easier for a customer to do all the research herself, scan a barcode, and get the best possible price.

How are you going to compete?

By doing what you’re supposed to be doing anyway – meeting the customer where she is, and giving her exactly what she wants when she wants it.

Yeah, we call that selling.

I spoke to a roomful of baby product sellers last week about this topic and spelled out a few simple ways to help you close the sale. My notes from that talk are now available in the Freebies section of my website.

Check out my latest ebook – Selling in a Showrooming World. Yes, it is FREE (see the opening statement above). Share it with all your retail friends and start selling (again).

-Phil Wrzesinski

PS After you read Selling in a Showrooming World, go back and read Customer Service: From Weak to WOW! and Staff Meetings Everyone Wants to Attend.  Then, if you don’t think you can train your staff to close the sale, you might want to consider buying the book Hiring and the Potter’s Wheel and get yourself a staff that is a work of art.

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