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Retail Success for Independent Retailers Like You

You’re an independent retailer looking to grow your business. You’ve seen success at other independent retailers. You want that for your store.

You know how slanted the field is against you, but none of that matters.

You’re here to learn how to be better tomorrow than you were yesterday.

  • Better at Marketing and Advertising your business.
  • Better at your Financials.
  • Better at giving your customers incredible Customer Service.
  • Better at managing your Inventory and Cash Flow

You’re looking for the right tools to help you succeed.

You’re right where you need to be. I designed this site to help you as an independent retailer compete with the national chains and online competitors.

Here is all you need to do…

Start with the Free Resources for Retailers. You’ll find helpful information for every aspect of retail.

Subscribe to the Blog. You’ll get regular content that will sharpen the tools in your retail toolbox. 

When you’re ready for more, get a group of stores together and Hire Me to do a Retail Training for you in the area you need the most help.


Phil Wrzesinski Presenting Pricing for Profit at Retail Success Summit
Presenting Pricing for Profit at the Retail Success Summit 2014

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