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Pendulum Made Easier to Understand

I’ve talked about this new book by Roy H. Williams and Michael R. Drew called Pendulum. It really has been an eye-opener for me to understanding how advertising, marketing and selling has changed over the last couple decades.

The hard part is trying to explain it. The elevator pitch takes too many floors. Although I read the book in one sitting – I was already pumped up about it, having seen the presentation by Roy twice and by Michael once – most people are looking for a simpler, quicker way to understand this swing between a Me and a We generation.

Thanks to the folks at PendulumInAction, here is a simple graphic that explains it quite well.

Click to get complete graphic…

Thanks Leigh Jeffery for putting this together!

-Phil Wrzesinski

PS Warning: Reading and understanding Pendulum can be hazardous to your mental well-being. Often readers are left with a feeling of dizziness, followed by a frustration caused by instantly seeing evidence of this pendulum swing all around you even when you are not looking.

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