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What if the Coach is Wrong?

Everyone knows in sports you do not question the coach.

The coach says.. You do…

Everyone has to be on the same page for the team to be successful.

But what if the coach is wrong?

Every season someone ends up in last place. Someone is the biggest loser. Even though the team did everything the coach asked. Either the team didn’t have the talent or the coach was wrong.

But in sports, unlike retail, if you’re the biggest loser this year, that’s okay. Next season you start 0-0. In retail, if you go 0-16 this year you start next year in a deep hole. There is no reset.

Two quick lessons from this…

1) If you’re the coach, you better be right. You better have done your homework, planned for all contingencies and plotted a fabulous course. Then all you need to do is get the team to buy in.

2) If you have a coach and you know the coach is wrong you have to decide. Do you try to change the coach’s mind or simply do the right thing?

Yes, I do advocate mutiny. If your coach is obviously leading you into last place, you need to do what you can to change that, even if it means subordinating the coach.

There is no reset in retail. You carry over your wins and your losses from last year into this year. The bank and your customers will remember and judge you on your previous season.

When the coach is right, all is good. But when the coach is wrong…

-Phil Wrzesinski

PS Before you choose mutiny, however, you have to understand. Following a coach into last or subordinating the coach are both going to lead to struggles. But as long as you’re playing to win, at least you have that to fall back on. And if you don’t know where your coach is leading you or why, you need to ask first. They may have a vision they just haven’t explained well.

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