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I Couldn’t Have Said it Better

I stole this…

Bob Phibbs wrote this on his blog yesterday and it is worth repeating.

So many “retail brand experts” and C-level executives have bought into the belief “our customers just want to get in and get out.”

Do you know why?

Because their customer experience sucks wind, blows chunks, is one step up from the necessary evil of a root canal by a guy in a clown mask.

Your store will not succeed if you take this approach. The one true advantage every independent store holds over the big box discounters, the vast majority of chain stores, and the Internet is the Customer Experience.

You can give your customers an experience like none other.
You can make customers have so much fun they do not want to leave your store.
You can make customers so happy they have no choice but to tell others about you.

In fact, you have to do those things. You and me both. That’s our calling card.

Thanks, Bob, for the reminder! (If you’re not following Bob’s blog like I am, you should! You can find the link in my sidebar.)

-Phil Wrzesinski

PS It starts with you and your attitude. And it continues with the type of employees you hire. If you don’t get the right raw ingredients in your frontline staff, no amount of training will make them better.
PPS (Not sure what I mean by “raw ingredients”? You need to read the book Hiring and the Potter’s Wheel: Turning Your Staff Into a Work of Art. It will change the way you do your hiring and training forever.)


  1. Janet says:

    You mean people might want more from a store than just a good deal? No way! Shocking!! Great blog so worth repeating over and over. Looking forward to getting our own "experience" up and running!

  2. In fact, a National Retail Federation survey done during the economic collapse in 2008 showed that almost half of all customers, despite the tough economic times, chose where to shop based on something other than low price or special deals.

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