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The No List

Carole Bernstein owns Get Smart! Carole Bernstein is Smart.

She works on her business as much or more than she works in her business. But she still keeps a pulse on what is happening in her business at all times with a clever communication tool used by all her staff.

I don’t know for sure what she calls it, but I call it the “No List”.

At the end of every shift her staff are required to fill out a worksheet that includes every request to which they said “No” that day.

Think about that for a moment…

What if you knew every time your staff said, “No, we are out-of-stock”?
What if you knew every request a customer made for a product that you did not carry?
What if you knew about a service for which multiple customers were asking but you didn’t offer?
What if you knew exactly what your customers expected but didn’t get?

Would you be a better retailer with this information? Of course you would. And Carole just showed you how to get it.

That’s why I love attending good conferences and meeting smart retailers.

-Phil Wrzesinski

PS Not sure how to train your staff to communicate with you in this way or any other way you choose? Check out my free eBook Staff Meetings Everyone Wants to Attend and the accompanying worksheet. You’ll have your staff fired up and wanting to learn more in no time at all.


  1. Gregory Kohs says:

    The first thing I thought is whether or not Carole ever got any trouble from Talent Associates, NBCUniversal, Mel Brooks, or Buck Henry, for her use of the "Get Smart" name?

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