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Everyone Thinks They Have It

Every store thinks they have Great Customer Service. Even Wally World thinks a greeter at the door qualifies them for the customer service hall-of-fame. But unfortunately, most stores barely offer the basics.

And even then Great Customer Service isn’t enough to move the needle for customers these days. You need WOW Customer Service!

See where your business stacks up in this example of dealing with a Customer with a Problem

Basic Customer Service: Go find a manager to deal with the problem.

Good Customer Service: Take the customer away from other customers and go find a manager.

Great Customer Service: First attempt to solve the problem before calling a manager.

WOW Customer Service: Own the problem from the start. Apologize and admit you made a mistake. Solve the problem to the satisfaction of the customer. Report your solution to the manager. Follow up with the customer later to make sure she is still satisfied.

It doesn’t take much to go from Basic to Great. But to get to WOW requires a dedicated and well-trained team. Ask yourself…

  • Does your management team allow for WOW to happen?
  • Is your staff capable of making WOW happen?

It takes WOW to get WOM (word-of-mouth). Give your customers the WOW treatment and your needle will move. Guaranteed!

Phil Wrzesinski

PS I’m working on a new eBook… “Customer Service: From Basics to WOW” I would love your feedback on what you consider to be WOW service that you’re currently using in your store. Any submissions used will get both credit in the eBook and a FREE copy of my book Hiring and the Potter’s Wheel: Turning Your Staff Into a Work of Art

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