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What Difference Did You Make?

Sometimes we forget the impact we have. And this time I’m not talking about the social impact of the products we sell. I’m talking about money. Pure cold hard cash.

Do me a favor… Go read this article .
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Think about the billions of dollars of economic impact that one company has had on the world.

Now think about your own.

There have been studies that say a dollar spent in a local independent retailer circulates seven times through the community. Some have put it as high as fourteen times. Others question if seven is too high. But none dispute the facts that the money spent in your store goes around the community more than once.

So let’s use lucky number 7. Take your gross sales for the year and multiply it times 7.

That is the impact you had on your local economy.

That money allowed families in your town to keep their homes, feed themselves, and buy clothes. That money sent kids to college so they could learn to solve future problems. That money plowed the snow on your streets, sent firemen to rescue old Mrs. Hodges, and helped the police make the biggest drug bust in a decade.

That money maintained the park where your kids play, helped your dentist buy a better, safer x-ray machine. That money kept two kids out of jail because they got an allowance from their employed parents.

Sometimes when you look at your business, good or bad, you wonder what it’s all worth. As you reflect on 2010 know this… it’s worth more than you originally thought!

Happy New Year !


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