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Rocked My Week!

It has been a fun week here and it just got better…

Not only are we just moments away from Black Friday – the real point when the Christmas shopping season begins… (no matter how hard some stores try to push the holidays)

Not only are we just hours away from my last day off for weeks… (I’ll only be at the store for a couple hours Thursday, I promise:)

Not only are we closing in on one of my favorite meals of the year… (it’s actually creamed turkey on Sunday at my mom’s house)

But I just got two bits of news that have rocked my week, so forgive me for doing a little tooting.

Entrepreneurial Vision
The Greater Jackson Chamber of Commerce just named me the 2010 Entrepreneurial Vision Award Winner for helping entrepreneurs and businesses in Jackson County.

Coolest thing about the award is it has nothing to do with what I do for the Toy House, but everything to do with how I share that knowledge with you.

Running the Jackson Retail Success Academy, working with the FasTrac start-up businesses, doing workshops for the Chamber, doing leadership and teamwork training for other local businesses, speaking at the Michigan Downtown Conference, writing this blog, publishing my book has all been a labor of love for me. Being recognized is just icing on that delicious cake.

More importantly, the award spotlights the importance of helping out other businesses, using the skills that have made us successful to help others reach their success. I just love that the Chamber has created such an award, and honored to be this year’s recipient. Cool!

Highlights for Hiring & Potter’s Wheel Book
The second thing to rock my week was an online interview I did for Business Info Guide. The book is getting rave reviews, but this interview will help me open it up to a whole new (bigger) audience.

If you haven’t read it yet, there are excerpts here on this blog. And if you are responsible for hiring and training, it is a book you definitely should read. Heck, at $19.99 it makes a great Christmas gift.

So I’m having a good week. How about you?



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