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Ads That Moved My Needle

There weren’t many.

Last night had to be the worst round of Super Bowl ads I’ve ever seen. There was only one ad all night that I replayed for my wife to see. It was Google’s story of a trip to Paris.

It had an interesting storyline that spoke to the heart. It gave you new information about what Google Search can do. How many of you knew you could check your flight information in Google Search? It had elements of surprise. How many of you were eagerly anticipating what was being assembled? And most of all, it didn’t insult your intelligence.

The other ad that made me think was the Flowers in a Box ad from TeleFlora.com.

It was a direct contrast of them versus ProFlowers.com which is heavily advertised on ESPN Radio, which kinda gave it a CBS versus ESPN feel.

That’s the short list of ads that moved my needle. As for the others…

Doritos? I may never eat one of my favorite snacks again for fear that I’ll become one of those weirdos in their spots.

Bud Light? Has anyone on the planet ever known a real person react that way to a Bud Light? Basically, their ads all said the same thing. “Our ads don’t even come close to matching your experience with our product, which means we’re a bunch of liars, and you’ll never guess what else we lied about.”

Budweiser? What was that longhorn ad about? Cross-breeding?

Vizio? Better than most, but I’m not into all those Apps, and was almost about to tune out those robotic arms – couldn’t quite see what they were doing.

GoDaddy.com? What are you? A porn site? Only one of their ads actually said what they did. The rest were just come-ons to get you to their site (where Danica keeps her clothes on).

Sketchers? Just exactly how does your shoe shape me up better than the others? Tell me how and I might listen.

And the two back-to-back “guys in their underwear” ads was too creepy to even give mention to the lame companies who ran them (and the network to air them one after the other).

Overall, I think Hyundai had some decent ads. They definitely told their story differently than Dodge. I think every woman who saw that Dodge ad decided never again to give Chrysler the time of day. Hyundai chose to give us concrete facts without offending our sensibilities – a concept lost on most other commercials.

And finally, although the eTrade ads were cute the first time around, they are getting tired and predictable and once again reinforced my desire to never do a business with a bunch of spoiled, arrogant babies.

So what moved your needle? Did any ad speak to you in a persuasive way? I’d love to hear your comments.


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  1. I completely forgot about the Fisher Nuts ad with the human dolphins, mainly because it was forgettable and just plain stupid. But apparently some ad agency was on the radio last night calling that the best ad from the Superbowl. Remind me to never hire that ad agency to do my ads.

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