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Good Idea, Poor Execution (Revisited)

I got my tires! My car is happy. I am, too.

From the previous post, here is what I learned …

I wasn’t the only one screwed over that day. One gal dropped her car off at 8am when the shop opened—right after finishing her overnight shift—only to find her tires weren’t in. Her car was finally getting tires as I was leaving. She has another overnight shift starting in a few hours.

Image result for goodyear assurance tripletredFortunately, the store makes their normal margin on the tire sale through the Goodyear website. I’m happy about that. The manager said as frustrating as it is, and even his franchise owners have bugged Goodyear about it, it does drive a lot of traffic to their shop, many of whom become regular customers.

The other three people in the waiting room all swore by this shop and have used them several times. We got into an interesting discussion about a regional chain tire store that has the most ubiquitous advertising always touting their low, low prices. No one in the waiting room liked or trusted that other shop (or found their prices to always be the lowest). Curious.

All in all, I waited about 65 minutes in a comfortable waiting area with friendly people, got my tires and got on my way. The manager was pleasant and helpful and apologetic for the hassle. He was also willing to answer my questions. He’s building my trust. Just watching his team in action, they all engaged with customers and did what they could to help out no matter how big or small the request.

I can see how people become regulars.

-Phil Wrzesinski

PS Well done, Budget Tire on Lansing Ave!


  1. Debbie/Toys That Teach says:

    I would think the answer to this situation would be to do your research and then call this (or other) shop so they could get the tires you wanted (If they didn’t have them in stock) in by the time you wanted them and set the appointments up accordingly. Or…..call the shop to make sure they got the information. I’ve learned one thing in life: “Never assume anything.”

    • Phil Wrzesinski says:

      I guess I’m not that skeptical. I believe things will work the way they are supposed to work. Until this experience, I had no reason to believe the tires wouldn’t be there.

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