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Be Her Super Hero

According to USA Today, this will be the year of the Super Hero. More children will be dressed as super heroes tonight than any other costume. In fact, while the generic Action/Super Hero is #1, Batman comes in by himself at #2, Spiderman is #5, and Marvel Heroes come in at #7.

I guess they are right when they say “Be yourself. Unless you can be Batman. Then be Batman.”

Phil Super Hero 2006

I dressed up for a staff meeting back in 2006. I told my staff photographer (unofficial title) to remember to bring his camera. He took an awesome picture and then surprised me with an almost life-sized version of it on my birthday. I’ve been using that picture ever since.

The theme of the meeting was simple. Be the customer’s Super Hero. I gave everyone a laminated Super Hero ID Badge with a reminder that they had one simple job—the same job you and your team have over the next two months.

Your job this holiday season is to help the customer in any way you can. 

Be her Super Hero by:

  • Finding all the perfect gifts for everyone on her list
  • Reminding her of all the accessories she will need to make the gift complete so that she doesn’t have to make unnecessary trips to get more stuff
  • Helping her come up with creative solutions to difficult problems
  • Making her shopping easy and effortless
  • Giving her time by doing all the extra work like gift-wrapping her packages for her
  • Making her comfortable by taking her coat, offering her a beverage, and making her feel special
  • Taking a load off her shoulders by eliminating whatever stress you can
  • Being a friend, a sounding board, a person to whom she can vent
  • Listening to her and acknowledging her struggles and stresses
  • Recognizing she is busy and has a lot more things to do today
  • Helping her with her little ones
  • Smiling and being genuinely friendly and caring
  • Helping her carry packages to the car
  • Helping her find other solutions you cannot provide

What would you add to this list?

Here is your reminder. You and your team already ARE her Super Heroes. You just have to remember to act like it.

-Phil Wrzesinski

PS What is your super power? Mine wasn’t selling toys and baby products. Mine was making parenting easier. When you recognize your true super power, it is easier to be the Super Hero you were meant to be. When you recognize that you are her Super Hero, it also changes the way you approach everything you do.

PPS I still wear a cape whenever I can. My new super power is to make retailing easier—or at the very least, more enjoyable. I may not be Batman, but I get to be myself every day.

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