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Where I Can Help You

I gave you my resume. Now let’s talk about you and what you might need.

If you are a Small Business Owner …

You wear many hats, some better than others. Your choices are simple.

A) Learn all the skills you need on your own.
B) Hire someone else to do the things you can’t (or don’t want to) do.
C) Hire someone to teach you those skills you might be lacking.

Image result for wearing many hatsYou might need help with your Hiring and Training. I will help you identify the positions you need on your team, help you identify the traits and skills needed to do those jobs, write up a job description, write up a killer help-wanted ad to attract the right kind of applicants, and give you the interview questions that help you identify the perfect candidates. I will help you create a new-hire training program and teach you how to stage your own training workshops on a continual basis.

You might need help with your Customer Service. I will lead you and your team through all the touch-points a customer has with your business, identifying where you are meeting their expectations and where you are missing the mark. You’ll learn simple tips and techniques that raise the bar across the board. Your staff will help develop the next level of service you offer with complete buy-in.

You might need help with your Marketing & Advertising. I will help you identify your core values and beliefs. I will help you identify and create content that attracts the right type of customers. I will help you identify the best use of your advertising budget and resources to get the most bang for the buck. I will evaluate your website, your social media presence, and your other marketing attempts to help you maximize your efforts.

If you are a Large Corporation …

You likely already have a specialist in each of the above areas. If you don’t, you might want to give me consideration. If you have someone internally you are grooming for those roles, you might need someone to come in and do one-on-one training for certain skills.

You also might need help with your general Training Programs. I can run your Team Building workshops for all levels of your corporate structure, fostering better communication, cooperation, and trust amongst your teams. I can help you roll out new initiatives through presentations and workshops that get your team to buy-in quickly and efficiently.

You might need help with Management Training. I can work with your managers teaching them better ways to identify, hire and train their teams. I can help them learn better ways to motivate and inspire their teams to greatness. I can give them tools for training and evaluating the individuals on their team to help them maximize production within their payroll budget.

If you are a Community Economic Developer …

You have read the reports that show how a strong, locally-owned businesses climate is better for the overall health of your economy.

You might need help to strengthen the presence of your local retail market by teaching retailers the foundational skills necessary to compete in today’s retail climate. The Retail Success Academy covers everything from Customer Service to Retail Math, designed specifically for mom & pop indie retailers and restaurants.

You might instead need someone to lead workshops and presentations for small businesses on individual topics such as Generating Word of Mouth Advertising or Marketing on a Shoestring Budget that gives them the competitive edge and helps keep your local economy strong.

If you are a Conference Planner …

You need to hit homeruns with your speakers and presentations and workshops.

You might be looking for a keynote speaker who can put on a presentation your attendees will be talking about for years, one filled with equal parts inspiration and realistic action steps that lead your attendees exactly where they want to go. I’ve been on the stage and in the audience. I know exactly what your attendees want.

You might be looking for an emcee to make sure all of your events and activities run smoothly and on time with a professionalism not always present among your volunteers. I know how to handle a microphone and handle a crowd.

You might be looking for a workshop leader, someone who can dig deeper into a topic to give your attendees a more comprehensive understanding of Marketing & Advertising, Hiring & Customer Service, or even Retail Math, I can take them to a level of understanding equivalent to an upper level college course.

If you are a College Professor or Dean …

You might be looking for a guest speaker to offer your students a fresh perspective from someone in the field.

You might be looking for someone to offer a relevant lesson or two not found in your current curriculum.

You might be looking for someone to teach an elective that is not currently available for your students.

I have ideas for all three of those.

You have problems you need solved. I have solutions. Let’s get together.

-Phil Wrzesinski

PS Conventional Wisdom says I need to pick a niche and then be the best option in that niche. The problem is there are a lot of niches out there where I could fit. I just haven’t figured out which one you want me in the most. Then again, I’ve also never been one to just do what conventional wisdom says (which is why my seminars and workshops are so highly rated.)

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