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What Are You Winning?

I admit it. I fall for click-bait headlines all the time. I saw one recently about the Columbus, OH based discount closeout chain Big Lots! that said, “Discounter Opens ‘Store of the Future’ “. Yeah, I had to see this.

The article went on to say how they had changed their signage and rearranged the furniture. They even added a huge Hello! sign by the front door and a huge Thank You! sign on the way out. My first thought was, “The 1990’s called. They want their store design back.”

Image result for big lots! hello signFortunately there was a link to a full article on their changes. Turns out the cosmetic changes are more because of the structural changes going on. Big Lots! is getting away from being a pure closeout store with different treasures all the time. They are focusing more on the categories where they perform the best.

As their CEO David Campisi said, “You can’t be all things to everyone. You have to take a position you can own and win.”

While his store design might not be all that futuristic, he is ahead of many of his peers with that last statement. (Toys R Us, I’m looking at you.)

Here is what I want you to think about today.

  • What position can you own in your industry?
  • Do you own it today?
  • Are you winning?

If you can answer the first question, you have a strategic plan. If you answered yes to the next two questions, you’re well on your way.

-Phil Wrzesinski

PS If you would really like to see what a store of the future might look like, check out b8ta. I believe we will see more stores like this in the coming years.

PPS If you answered No to either of the last two questions, then ask yourself one last question. What will it take to get to Yes? Add that to your strategic plan.

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