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Oops, I Violated My Own Facebook Rules (and got “boosted”)

This Thursday, 1/29/15 is National Puzzle Day. Being a toy store that sells thousands of puzzles, that is a big deal to us. Naturally, we are going to celebrate it and I’m going to promote it via Facebook.

But I violated one of my golden rules for getting around the Facebook algorithm. I used language that sounded like a promotion.

And Facebook busted me…

I mentioned a “% off” in the copy and FB flagged it and sent me this suggestion that I boost the post (because now that they know it is a promotion, they sure as heck aren’t letting it out).

Fortunately I have two more days to find unique, clever and creative ways to invite people to the event without sounding like a promotion. I’m feeling up to this challenge.

-Phil Wrzesinski

PS Here is the full copy of what I said. Notice that there isn’t a date or time or exclamation point. There was a picture. There will be more pictures and more posts.

They say this Thursday is National Puzzle Day.

Since puzzles are rarely finished in a day, I always thought this Month should be National Puzzle Month. 

But since they made it a day, I guess we should honor that day.

Would you like to celebrate with us? Would you like to see different styles of puzzles on different tables throughout the store? Would you like to touch and feel the different brands and how they make their pieces? Would you like to try your luck at pulling out the one special puzzle piece in the jar that will give you 50% off your puzzle purchases that day? (The other unlucky pieces only get you 5 to 10% off)

Here is an interesting tidbit… Last year we sold over one million puzzle pieces all told! And so far, only 6 were missing.

Join us this Thursday to put a few thousand more pieces in their place.

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