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Tell Your Customers What You Stand Against

It is easier to rally a crowd against something than for something. Just ask any political campaign manager what really moves the needle.

The same works in business advertising, too. Tell the people what you are against and watch a flock of like-minded people come see you. Tell the world why you don’t agree with your competitor’s world view and everyone who feels the same way will pay attention. Compare and contrast. Tell them what you won’t do.

Peter Reynolds, VP of Sales of Janod Toys did a presentation for my staff last night and put up this graphic.

It is a perfect contrast of Mass Market stores versus Specialty Stores.

MASS                                     SPECIALTY
More for Less                          Less is More
Promote Low Prices                  Promote Benefits and Features
Emphasize Quantity                  Emphasize Quality
Create Wants                             Fulfill Needs
Good Toys are Hot/Licensed       Good Toys are Basic
Toys are Possessions                 Toys are Tools
Toys are Consumables                Toys are Investments
Toys Entertain & Distract           Toys Involve & Empower
Toys Promote Imitation              Toys Promote Creativity
Toys Promote Conformity           Toys Promote Uniqueness
The Toy Directs the Play             The Child Directs the Play

There is a whole year of what-we-stand-against advertisement messages in that above list. Do you see it?

-Phil Wrzesinski

PS When people talk about what they stand for, it is usually in generalities – world peace, strong economy, health. When people talk about what they stand against, it is more often specifics – low pay for… discrimination against… injustice for… The power is in the details.

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