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The Kind of Reviews You Want Your Customers to Write

Yesterday’s blog was an example of what not to do. Today is the kind of review you get when the front line staff knows how to make an experience wonderful…

“We’re always impressed with customer service at the Toy House, but yesterday was over the top. Our family was there because our son was picking out a gift for our daughter’s birthday. He asked me about a ride-along horse which I told him was fine, and he raced off, I assumed, to tell my husband. The next thing I knew a Toy House employee was asking me if I was Ruby’s mom. I said, yes, and she said that my son was asking if they could wrap the toy for his sister’s birthday. She wanted to know if it was okay, and they would go ahead, remove the tag, and wrap it for him, and we could pay when we were ready to go. I appreciated them taking the time to interact with my son (and tracking me down) instead of just brushing off his desires to get something for his sister. Thanks again, Toy House, for the continued hard work and great customer service!”   -Jen, Dec 2, 2013 (Toy House Facebook Page)

Every customer, no matter how big or small, deserves your utmost attention. When you learn to treat everyone as though they are world’s best customer, you will find you have a lot more of the world’s best customers in your store.
Your customers will get better when you do.
-Phil Wrzesinski
PS Work with your staff on this idea… How would you treat the next customer if you knew she had a credit card with no limit and eleven siblings? 

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