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I Have a Money Tree

I have a Money Tree sitting on my desk. It promises me that if I give it sunlight, water it, and praise it, I will get money as if it grew on trees.

I don’t know.

I have twelve other “Money Trees” in the store. They are named Ruth, Erica, Lakisha, Kristina, Kathy, Elaine, Amy, Jesse, Richard, Nate, Ken, and Missy.

I do know that if I give them Autonomy (sunlight – the trust that they can do their jobs without my constant hands-on supervision), Mastery (water – the training to improve and grow), and Purpose (praise – the reason we’re here –  to make you smile), then they will get money in far greater quantities than any desk-sized tree.

You really should read Daniel H. Pink’s book Drive. It made is making a world of difference for me.

-Phil Wrzesinski

PS That is not an affiliate link for that book. I don’t make money by promoting other people’s books. If I make a recommendation, it is because I believe in the product. Pure and simple.

PPS I do like my Money Tree, though. It reminds me to go out and get some sunlight every now and then.

PPPS You buy plants that want to grow. Hire people who want to grow, too.

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