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Brick and Mortar Retail is Alive and Kicking!

According to a report from EMarketer, retail sales last year were a whopping $4.53 Trillion. Yes, with a T!

E-commerce was $264 Billion of that. That’s 5.8%. Oh, and M-commerce – you know, those mobile apps that are the new hot thing you need to have that are going to eat the computer’s lunch? M-commerce was only 0.9% of the total.

E-commerce and M-commerce continue to grow. And $264 Billion is a lot of cabbage. But contrary to what you hear, brick and mortar retail is certainly not dead. Over 90% is still being spent on the ground.

What are you doing to capture your share of that market?

-Phil Wrzesinski

PS I have heard from other sources that the e-commerce number is higher when you account for only goods and services that are bought in typical retail stores. I don’t know the methodology EMarketer uses to determine their numbers, whether home sales or gasoline is included in the overall sales total. Since they are a company that caters to the e-commerce crowd, however, I’m going with their number. Even so, if e-commerce is truly 10-12% of retail as some claim, that means 88% is still done on the ground.

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