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Be the Best at One Thing

Quick, name the second place person in the MVP balloting. Any sport. Bet you can’t unless it was your favorite player who got snubbed.

When they give out the awards at the end of a sports season, the big winners are always the leader in at least one category. In fact, the short list of potential MVP’s always starts with the leader in each category.

Being pretty good in everything doesn’t get the same attention as being the best in one thing. It applies in sports and it applies in retail.

If you want attention for your business, you have to be the runaway category leader in one category. You have to be so far out in front that your competitors have already resigned themselves to a fight for second place. You have to be not the first but the only company that comes to mind in that category.

When you do that, you will get all the attention you desire deserve.

How do you figure out which category you should own?

  1. Make a list of everything you do better than your competition.
  2. For everything on that list, write down all the competitors who at least try to own that category.
  3. Figure out which category has the least amount of competition. (In other words, the one you own the most)
  4. Figure out how to do it even better than you already do. (In other words, widen the gap).

Spend all your time and energy growing your lead. You’ll win all the awards (customers) you deserve desire.

-Phil Wrzesinski

PS After you focus on your best trait, shore up your worst trait – the one that drives customers away. But always, always, always in that order. Best first. Worst second. No one remembers second place or an average business.

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