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Top Ten Blogs from 2013

A lot of people thought these blogs were interesting enough to tell others about it. Just in case no one shared these with you, here are the top ten most shared blogs from 2013.

Are You Open-to-Buy? Inventory Management is one of the most difficult and costly things to do in retail. Do it right and your cash flow and profits soar. Do it wrong and no matter what else you got right, you’re still out of business.

Sit in the Hot Seat for a Bit if You Want to Improve I made Ernie sit in the hot seat to find out how we could improve his business. We looked at each interaction, one-by-one, until we found the breakdown in customer service. Do the same for your business and you’ll know what to focus on for 2014.

Two Types of Customers (and Other Generalities) Everyone likes to have things broken down into simple lists and digestible analogies. This post does that for you.

Everything I Possibly Can Simple message: The best retailers are the best because they keep learning new ways to be better.

Great Minds Discuss Ideas My shortest blog of the year – based on a great quote by Eleanor Roosevelt.

I Did Some Showrooming Showrooming is a big deal that is hurting brick & mortar retailers all over the country. The real problem isn’t the smartphone or Amazon. The real problem is our own ability to close the sale.

I Tore Up My Office Yesterday If you want different results, you have to do something different. (I think this got a lot of love because everyone wanted to see my messy office.)

Peeing Before the Race The dog that does its business before the race will run the fastest. The business that does its business before the season will be the most successful.

Anatomy of a Staff Meetting – Play Value I’m on a crusade to make staff meetings more fun and memorable. Who’s with me?

The Mortar Between Your Bricks Bricks are the products you sell. Mortar is everything else. You need good bricks to build a good business. You need strong mortar if you want that business to last.

May the lessons of 2013 bring you great successes in 2014!

-Phil Wrzesinski

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