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Mandatory Breaks – This Means You, Too!

It is easy this time of year to work long hours without break. Easy. But not good.

Your staff needs to have scheduled breaks to keep them fresh. They don’t have the driving passion you do to refuel them when they hit the wall. They need breaks they can see coming. I’m not talking about okay-there-is-a-lull-go-take-a-break-quick kinds of breaks. I’m talking about, you go to lunch at 1pm and return at 2pm kind of breaks.

We have an employee lounge, a couch, table & chairs, etc where they can go. There is a fridge and microwave. But we also encourage them to leave the store. Take a break. Get away.

It does wonders for their sanity. They need that break so that when they are on the floor, they have the energy to give their all. Plus, if you schedule those breaks for them, they know you are looking out for you and they’ll work even harder for you when they are on.

You need to take a break, too.

Maybe yours won’t be as scheduled. But you need more than a go-hide-in-the-office-and-pretend-to-do-paperwork break. You need to leave for 45 minutes or an hour or more. You need to go to a restaurant and sit down and eat something healthy. You need to go home, change your socks, sit and play with the dog. You need to get a moment just for yourself.

No break for the elves and they get cranky. No break for you, and you and the elves get cranky. Cranky elves and cranky store owners are not maximizing sales.

Take a break. I give you full permission.

-Phil Wrzesinski

PS The store won’t crumble if you’re not there for an hour. Trust me.

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