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What’s in a Name (Tag)? Money!

Do you and your employees wear name tags? Are they hidden down at the belt level or on a lanyard so that they turn backwards hiding your name?

If your employees cannot be easily identified by name, you are missing one more chance to delight your customers.

It is one thing to introduce yourself, “Hi, I’m Phil. Thanks for coming in, today.” Some people will remember your name. Most will not. They are too busy thinking of themselves. They are expecting “sales-clerk-speak” and not paying attention. They are looking around, distracted by your superb merchandising.

If you have a name tag, however, they will look at that tag for confirmation of what they thought they heard.

Knowing your name connects them to you. Makes you more than a sales clerk. Gives you a sense of humanity.

Knowing your name makes you seem more friendly.

Knowing your name also gives your customer a feeling of power. She knows you can’t screw up because knowing your name means she can call you out to the manager. She also has the power to praise you to your manager. Without a name, she’s less likely to speak up. Without a name, she feels just a little less empowered.

A customer is far more likely to buy more from someone she knows by name. (bigger tickets)
A customer is far more apt to return to a store where she knows the employees by name. (repeat business)
A customer is far more likely to refer her friends to a sales person she knows by name. (referrals)

A great introduction is still worth its weight in gold, but the reinforcement of well-placed, easy-to-read name tag makes your job of delight easier.

-Phil Wrzesinski

PS As I’m writing this, I’m realizing that my own staff’s name tags need an overhaul. If you serve a lot of Boomers like we do, make the font for the first name big and simple.

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