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What Can You Get for $99?

What kind of return would you get if you learned one new technique that cost you nothing, but delighted customers even more than you do today? How would that impact your business for the remainder of the year?

What kind of return would you get if someone revealed to you the secret to consistently getting Word-of-Mouth referrals? How would that impact your bottom line?

What kind of return would you get if you replaced your worst employee with a clone of your best employee? How would that affect your profit & loss?

What if you did all three?

Put a number on it. Guess if you have to. How much more would your business make this year?

One thousand dollars? Five thousand dollars? Fifteen thousand dollars?

What if someone offered you five thousand dollars in return for ninety-nine dollars? Oh, and four hours of your time? Would you jump at that chance?

You can!

In two weeks (Thursday, July 11) I will be offering a Summer Business Boot Camp on Shareworthy Customer Service (thanks, Tim, for that wonderfully apt word). 

In the class you will learn the truth behind what makes customers talk about your business. You will create two Word-of-Mouth techniques that you can use the very next day. You will learn how to step up your levels of customer service beyond what the customer expects and learn how to delight her at many different points in the transaction. You will learn how to hire and train employees that fit your culture and delight your customers all the time.

It only costs you $99 and four hours of your time. I’ll even throw in a free lunch.

All you have to do is call the Jackson County Chamber of Commerce (517) 782-8221 to sign up.

Only four steps to get an incredible Return on Investment.

  1. Pick up the phone. 
  2. Invest your $99. 
  3. Do what you learn. 
  4. Reap the benefits. 

-Phil Wrzesinski

PS I’ll be doing another one in August specifically on Marketing and Advertising. The two together will rock your business regardless of whether you are a retailer or service provider. Make the call. Invest your time and money and I’ll make sure it is worth your while.

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