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The Squeegee is Broken

I stopped to get gas while on the road today.  The back window of our van gets dirty quickly and the small wiper only creates a partial arc of viewing.

I grabbed the squeegee and went to work. First impressions, I knew I was in trouble.  You know that fabric around the end of the sponge, the meshy thing that is supposed to help scrub the bugs off? It was flailing in the breeze and literally hanging by a thread.  No worries, though. No bugs on the back windshield, only grime.

But then I used the other end, the scraper that is supposed to pull the dirty liquid off and leave a clean, streak-free shine behind. Yet, this poor squeegee was so worn and tired it had seen its better days in the previous decade.

I looked at the clerks hiding behind the plexiglass and thought to myself, “Really? You can’t afford a couple new squeegees?”

It made me wonder what else they couldn’t afford. Toilet paper in the bathroom? To rotate their food stock? Purel for their employee’s dirty hands?

Yeah, major turnoff. I hope I don’t have to stop there again.

Sometimes we overlook the smallest details and forget that they can send the biggest messages.

Do you have any broken squeegees to fix?

-Phil Wrzesinski

PS There is a gas station in northern Michigan, in the city of Petosky. I’ve been there three times while on ski trips with the family. I know they would never have a broken squeegee. Ever.

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  1. I love "broken squeegee" as a simile for any small, but obvious problem at a business that leaves a bad impression despite the small cost to fix it. Broken squeegees are everywhere.

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