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Asking the Right Question

Seth Godin writes one of my favorite blogs. His post for today was so short and sweet and thought-provoking that I want to share it with you…

Question the question
The best creative solutions don’t come from finding good answers to the questions that are presented.
They come from inventing new questions.
-Seth Godin

Here are my thoughts…

The question most retailers ask is…

How can I get more traffic, more customers, more sales?

Here is a new question worth considering…

How can I create an experience so incredible that people want to come back time and again and bring their friends with them?

Here is another question…

What did I not do to the best of my ability last year?

Here is yet one more question…

How can I make the customer experience not only better, but more consistently better?

I bet if you answer any one of those last three questions, you’ll find the answer to the first question.

Merry Christmas!
-Phil Wrzesinski

PS Yes, I ask those questions every year for my business. Yes, I will be giving you the answers at the class Tim Miles and I are teaching at Wizard Academy January 29-30. Yes, you will learn enough to make a huge difference in your business – a double-digit difference if history is any indicator.

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