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The Coolest Store in Town

I was walking out of the grocery store a couple nights ago and caught my reflection in the window. I had on my Toy House jacket and saw our distinctive logo staring back. At that moment it dawned on me.

I own the coolest store in Jackson.

Oh sure, there may be a few people who would argue that point. But there would be just as many who would argue for us. Of course, we have some distinct advantages.

First, we sell toys. Second, we’ve been in business a long time so there is a lot of nostalgia built up. Third, we have a lot of inclusive fun here. And fourth, we’re fairly unique to the toy industry. There just aren’t a lot of stores quite like us around the country.

But that got me thinking…

Are you the coolest store in your town?
Are you even in the discussion?
What can you do if you don’t have toys or time on your side?

There is an easy way to get into the discussion. Treat your customers better than even they expect to be treated. That’s cool enough to get you a seat at the table. Then do some truly unique things that no one else has even considered doing. You’ll be the coolest store in your town to everyone who knows you.

Best of all, they’ll tell everyone else.

-Phil Wrzesinski

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