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It’s All in the Packaging

Joshua Bell is a world-class violinist who demands $100 or more per ticket for concerts at places like Carnegie Hall.  As a social experiment he played in the Washington, DC subway to see if people could tell the difference between a virtuoso and a street musician.

As expected, most people walked right by him and his $3.5 million Stradivarius violin, not recognizing his talent in the halls of a subway.

It’s all in the Packaging.

Our city council passed an ordinance to collect a fee for rainwater management.  It has received huge opposition because it looks and smells like a tax.  The county government is even suing the city government over the legality of the fee, claiming it actually is a tax.  Few are arguing whether city needs the money.  Mostly they are arguing about how the city went about getting it.  Had they called it a tax, promoted the necessity of it, and asked permission, it is hard to say where the vote would have fallen.

It’s all in the Packaging.

There is a retail store I know that is closing.  After a lengthy struggle with their city council over the sign ordinance, they were two years in business without a sign.  During the closing sale a customer remarked, “You would have been more successful if you had a sign up.” (Facepalm)

It’s all in the Packaging.

Two cake mixes sit side by side on the grocery store shelf.  They have the same ingredients, probably even made in the same factory.  One has a recognizable name, a woman who has symbolized fine baked goods for decades.  You instinctively reach for that package, even though it is 35 cents more than the unknown box sitting next to it.

It’s all in the Packaging.

Packaging makes a huge difference in the way people perceive everything around them.  Packaging drives purchasing decisions.  Packaging drives value decisions.  Packaging drives voting decisions.  Packaging makes the difference between good idea and great success.  Packaging is the single most influential element of business.

How much attention are you placing on the way you Package your business?

-Phil Wrzesinski

PS  Replace the word Packaging with Branding and go read this post again.  Get it?  Here is a quick way to understand how to re-Package your business for long-term success.

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