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Twenty Five Cents is Golden

What if I told you that for only 25 cents per customer who walks through your door tomorrow you can generate a thousand dollars worth of advertising?

What if I told you that a small gesture on your part will make a huge difference that sets you far apart from your competition?

What if I told you that a simple little thing will send one of the most powerful messages ever that will create loyal fans and evangelists?

What if I told you that if you give your customer something she can already get for free she will love you for it?

Would you think I am crazy?

What if I told you to go buy a couple cases of water, some ice and a cooler?

On these hot summer days you can stand out from the crowd by giving away bottles of ice cold water.  At a small cost to you it will have a huge effect on your customers in a number of ways…


There is a French Cajun word that means “a little extra”.  Just giving away something for free creates a bond with your customer. It makes her smile, makes her feel special, makes her feel like an insider.  There are many ways to offer lagniappe in your store.  On a hot summer day this is an easy no-brainer way to do it.

You Don’t Have to Advertise It

Don’t go out on your Facebook page and advertise it.  Let your customers do it for you.  Put out the cooler and I bet by the end of the day at least one of your customers has taken a photo with her phone and posted it on her own site.  Plus, she will be telling her friends about it.  These are the kinds of moments your customers love to share.

They’ll Stay Longer

With a water in hand, she’ll feel more refreshed and more comfortable, which means she’ll shop longer (as long as you have a bathroom nearby:-).  Is it worth 25 cents to you to keep your customers in the store longer?

You Care

A simple little gesture like this also shows how much you care.  You recognize that it is hot.  You recognize the customer had to leave her air-conditioned house to visit you.  You recognize that she went out of her way, so you go out of your way to make her as comfortable as possible.  Believe me, she will know what you did.

Time for a grocery store run.

Phil Wrzesinski

PS  It probably won’t even cost you that much.  Only about a third of our customers took a water.  But all of them saw it, all of them felt the caring, the generosity, and the comfort. And many of them talked about it.

PPS  Last night at the local grocery store I bought 72 waters (half-liter size) and a bag of ice for $12.73.  That comes down to just under 18 cents per bottle.  Figuring only one-third of the customers take one, we’re talking 6 cents per customer to reap those benefits.  Tell me where else you can get that kind of ROI.

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