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Different Campaigns for Different Customers

I learned this from Roy H. Williams, aka The Wizard of Ads

I use radio as my primary source of branding advertising trying to attract the Relational Customer.  But I also use radio for my one and only Transactional Customer event – our Summer Fun Sale.  Both campaigns are on the same medium but trying to reach completely different people.  Sound crazy?  Not really.

Both types of customers listen to the same radio stations.  But they listen to different types of ads.

So each campaign has its very own signature, style, and scheduling.

The Relational campaign is me telling stories in a relaxed voice, carrying on a conversation with people who share my values and the emotions I am selling.  The campaign runs continuously year-round.  The ads change every month, but the message doesn’t.  It is all about having fun, helping others, education and nostalgia, told through stories and scenarios painted for the listening audience.

The Transactional campaign is rushed.  I speak faster.  I speak more excitedly.  I speak louder.  I speak with urgency.  I shout out facts.  Date.  Time.  Place.  What’s the deal.  The whole tone and tenor is different.  In fact, some of my regular customers ask me what I was “on” when I recorded it.  The Transactional customers don’t notice.  They just show up for the sale.

I also stack the sale ads.  They start running three days before the event and run once an hour right into the first couple hours of the event.  The repetition adds to the urgency and fires up the Transactional customer.

Do you have a signature and style to your advertising campaign or is it just whatever the latest ad salesperson sold you?  One way grows your business.  The other way just grows theirs.

-Phil Wrzesinski

PS   I use radio.  You might prefer another method.  All mediums have a way they work, and many ways they don’t.  Unfortunately, your ad salesperson usually doesn’t know (or care) how his own medium works best.  Do your research.  There are 93 posts on this blog about Advertising and half of the blogs I follow are about advertising.  That ought to be enough to get you started. If you need more, hire me (I do more than just seminars).

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