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The Waiting Game

Speaking of what to do while waiting

I took this picture in the stall of the men’s bathroom at the National Aquarium in Baltimore. (sorry for the poor cellphone quality of the pic)

There were animal poop and pee facts in every stall.  (Did you know a blue whale can hold over 55 gallons of urine in his bladder?)

Some of the kids in my group were going into every stall of every bathroom just to read the facts.  Now that is a WOW Factor!

Bathrooms are great opportunities to surprise and delight.  This is just one way.  How many more ways can you create?

-Phil Wrzesinski

PS One of the brilliant things about what the National Aquarium did is that fun facts like this are easy and desirable to share.  And we love to share!  If you’re going to steal this idea, Give your customers something share-worthy

PPS  This is a great project for the staff.  Show them this blog. Then set them free to create a bathroom that gets talked about… in a good way!  (Plus, if they create it, they will take more ownership to keep it clean.)

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