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Tell Me a Story

Quick, tell me a story about a recent transaction in your business that made you laugh…

Didn’t take long to think of something, did it?  The hardest part was probably deciding which story to tell.

We all have a backlog of stories we can share; some touching, some hilarious, some that get your blood pressure up.

Do you have a place to share them?

Stories are powerful because stories evoke emotions.  Emotions move the needle far better than facts and data.  Stories are more memorable, too.

Quick, tell me the phone number from your dorm room your freshman year in college.  Don’t remember?  How about three stories from your freshman year about dating?  Much easier.

If you want your customers to relate to you, tell them stories that evoke the emotions you want them to feel.  Tell them stories that will stick in their minds long after the data is gone.  Tell them stories that they will share with others.

You have plenty of stories to tell.  Start telling them.

-Phil Wrzesinski

PS  You can tell stories on your blog, on FB, in your advertising, on signs in your store.  For as many stories as you have, you can find a new way to share.

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