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New Way to Get This Blog

Okay, full disclosure… My wife made me do it, lol.

Over on the right of this blog is a new feature – Follow by Email.

My wife was complaining that she only follows this blog so it wasn’t worth opening up an RSS feed just for me.  She wished she would get the blog via email.  So last night we found this app that allows such a feature.

Note: when you sign up it will ask you to verify by typing in some funny text and then send you a confirmation email.  Just click on the link in that email and you should start getting email notifications of this blog.  I don’t know for sure how that will look (until this post gets published, that is).  But it is one more way for us to stay connected.

Try it out and give me some feedback.


-Phil Wrzesinski

PS One thing my wife mentioned was that she can forward an email quite easily.  And since she is not on Twitter, that is her preferred method of interaction.  One more lesson for all of us… Meet your customers where they are.


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