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I Can’t Find My Desk

Oh, I know my desk is there, buried under papers needing filing, orders that have been placed, reports that were read, catalogs that have come in.  I just don’t like spend my time putting that stuff away.

My wife and my employees agree that I need a secretary.  I am working towards that goal.  In the meantime, I let the piles grow and grow until I go on a cleaning binge and clear off my desk, my table and the floor of my office.

Don’t get me wrong.  I do a lot of organizing, mostly of thoughts and data.  It takes a mountain of data to keep a store like mine operating smoothly.  But the mundane task of filing away those reports, putting away all the catalogs, and hiding all the need-to-keep-it-just-in-case paperwork is such a low priority to me that I put it aside until the mountain threatens my safety.

Some of you are nodding in agreement.  Some of you are appalled.  I might even lose a follower who believes a stacker like me is a slacker, too.  I am okay with that.

The lesson here is that we all are different.  We all have different priorities.  We all choose where to put our energies based on our Core Values.

That is why I believe so strongly that one of the best things you can do for your business is identify your Core Values.  Once you consciously know your Core Values, you get to be them more openly… in every aspect of your business.

You might alienate a customer or two.  But you will also attract a whole bunch of new customers who resonate loudly with your values – once you share them more openly.

If you would like to uncover your Core Values, I have a couple methods of doing it.  First read my FREE eBook Understanding Your Brand.  Then download the FREE Worksheets that go with it.  (Then email me if you get stuck.)

It won’t help you find your desk, but it will help you find everything else you might need to run your business in a way that works for you.

-Phil Wrzesinski

PS  My Core Values are Having Fun, Helping Others, Education, and Nostalgia.  Now you know why I write this blog and give away all this info for free:-)

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