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Wonder Branding Reinvented

There is a blog in my blog roll that you regulars may have noticed did not have an update for the last several months – until two days ago.

Michele Miller took a break to reinvent herself – something I think all businesses need to do from time to time to make sure they are fresh and current and relevant.  Her blog – Wonder Branding – just went through a complete overhaul.  Her new look and her new direction are an expansion from just looking at the trends of marketing to women to helping all manner of Main Street businesses market themselves better to everyone.

She has teamed up with Tom Wanek (another blogger I follow who wrote one of my favorite books – Currencies That Buy Credibility) to re-launch the blog and their business.  I think you will like what you read and see.

(I would normally post a link directly in this post, but I want to encourage you to check out the blog roll on the right.  These are the blogs I read regularly.  You should, too.  Wonder Branding is the last one on the list, but certainly not the least.  Check it out.)

-Phil Wrzesinski

PS  I follow these blogs for three reasons.  First, they are well-written.  I always appreciate clearly written thoughts and ideas, and hope I accomplish the same here.  Second, they have timely and useful advice that I know I can use, and you can, too.  Third, I trust them.  These writers are walking the walk and have the experience and expertise behind them to say what they say.  I don’t always agree, only because I have my own headstrong ways.  But I always read.  Who are you following that I should consider adding to this list?

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