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Back it Up

I’m writing this from my laptop – not because I am traveling but because this morning when I arrived at work my desktop computer would not start.

Yeah, the desktop was old.  Was running Windows XP.  Was running Microsoft Office 2003.  I think it died of old age. This time I will finally replace it.  I’m just hoping they can recover the hard drive.  Not because I failed to back it up. I do that regularly.  Just because I don’t want to go through the hassle of reloading all the programs.

But it got me thinking… What changes have I made since the last backup? (Saturday)

The only major one is the schedule for the staff I finished yesterday.  If I have to, it won’t take long to recreate from a hard copy.  Plus, I tweaked a couple of my presentations – and I can tweak them again easily enough.

What changes have you made since the last time you backed up your computer?  How much work will it be to recreate those changes if your computer dies mysteriously?

Back it up.

-Phil Wrzesinski

PS The worst thing about the computer dying is that I usually become a basket case waiting to get my computer back.  Thank God for laptops and wi-fi.  Maybe I can finally clean up my office today, too.

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