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How Many Points Should You Make?

(Full disclosure: I have no idea where this story originated. I think it came from Roy H. Williams or one of his Wizard Partners because it sounds like something they would say. If anyone knows where this story started, please let me know.)

The ad committee met to discuss the new copy for their next missive. After much heated debate, they finally came to an agreement on the twelve points that needed to be made.

They called in the copy writer and asked him to sit down at the end of the conference room table.

As they began explaining in detail and nuance each of the twelve points, the copy writer pulled a board out of his bag with a dozen nails sticking straight up. He laid the board on the end of the table. With puzzled looks and just a slight pause the ad committee chairman continued his description of the points.

The copy writer then took a frying pan out of his bag and slammed it down on the bed of nails. This shocked the room into silence. The copy writer then showed the small indentations on the bottom of the frying pan to the stunned committee.

Without saying a word, the copy writer pulled another board out of his bag. This board contained a large solitary spike. The copy writer took the same frying pan and slammed it down on the spike. The pan was impaled by the spike, sliding all the way down until it was stuck firmly to the board.

The copy writer looked up and said, “Now… how many points did you want me to make?”

-Phil Wrzesinski

PS Yes, that’s my pan and my boards. I tried it out on the Jackson Retail Success Academy students back in January and I’m pretty sure that point stuck. If you would like to make the point in your ads stick better. Check out my free ebooks, How Ads Work Part 1 and Part 2.

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