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Radio Ads That Don’t Sound Like Ads in 30 Seconds or Less

The other day I was on a Facebook page with other toy store owners. The subject came up about writing radio ads.

My biggest advice about radio ads is to make them not sound like other radio ads. Say something unique that grabs the listener’s attention and then tell a story from that. So I took a line from everyone’s comments in that thread on FB and tried to make a radio ad out of it.

I’m posting them here for you to see the creative process. You can say just about anything in the opening line and craft an ad around it. The more outrageous the opening line, the more people will pay attention.

My best ad ever started with the line… “I couldn’t believe it. They were taking customers into the men’s bathroom!”

For your amusement and motivation, please read on… (and remember, I took a line from everyone’s comments and used it for my opening – I especially like the Margarita ad)

The one investment guaranteed to pay off is your child’s toys. Before you laugh, hear me out. The quality of the toys you buy is what shapes your child’s ability to think and learn. And it isn’t just about educational toys. It’s about toys that foster creativity and imagination. Invest in those and your child will reap benefits one hundred times greater than the money you spend. Come see me at Toy House and I’ll find you the best investment for your child.

Ask not what your toy can do for you, but what you can do with your toy. That’s the problem with most toys. They do so much your kid rarely gets to play. Except for the toys at Toy House. We specialize in toys your kids actually play with, toys that foster their creativity and expand their minds. Don’t buy toys that do, buy toys that make your kids do. Trust me, they’ll thank you for it later.

We have a great Christmas party every year. The best part is that the kids are off playing, leaving us adults alone. Of course, when they get toys from Toy House there is so much more play value that they want to play with their toys. In fact, at our Valentines’ Party they’re still playing with those toys. Toys for Christmas that last through Valentine’s. You will find them at Toy House.

Given the current stock market roller coaster, I would tell you to invest your money in your child’s toys. Buy toys that will expand his imagination. Buy toys that will spark her creativity. No matter what the economy… imagination and creativity are the two skills your kids will need to compete in the future. And you’ll find the best selection of these toys at Toy House in downtown Jackson. That’s one investment guaranteed to make you smile.

I never used to have time for Margaritas. I was always busy trying to find new things for my self-proclaimed bored kids to do. Then I found Toy House. They taught me so much about how to evaluate the play value of toys. Now I buy better toys and my kids keep themselves busy. And I have time to relax with my friends sipping our favorite drink. Go to Toy House. They’ll teach you everything you… and your kids… need to know.

I was so freaking uninspired. My kids never played more than a couple weeks with all of the toys I bought. I figured, I would try that little toy store down on Mechanic St. Talk about mind-blowing! They showed me how to pick toys that matched my kids skills and interests, how to find toys that had longer lasting play value. You might think being a smaller toy store, it wouldn’t have what you want, but Toy House has the kind of toys my kids play with for months on end. Thanks Toy House. You rock!

It’s not like buying underwear. Your kids will wear whatever you buy them (if you can get them to wear any at all). But buying toys takes a little more thought. The right toys will grow their brains and put them at the top of their classes in school. The toys that simply entertain them with asking them to do much if anything will create selfish little brats that will cause you to meet with their teachers way too often. So go to Toy House and get top of the class toys. Unlike the underwear, your kids will actually want to use these.

Have fun with your radio ads. Say something interesting and outrageous and people will pay attention. It isn’t as hard as you think.

-Phil Wrzesinski

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