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You Get What You Ask For

Many of you are putting out classified ads looking for help that read like this…

Help Wanted: Seasonal employees needed. Apply in person at The Store.

Short, sweet, and cheap.

How do you think your application pool would change if your classified looked like this?

Help Wanted: Are you a friendly person who loves to help others? Would you like to work in a challenging environment where your greatest reward is solving problems for other people and making them feel good? Are you a person who will work flexible hours including nights and weekends? Do you have high energy no matter what time of day? We want to see your smiling face in our store. Stop in The Store and fill out our application by next Friday. We need friendly, helpful, caring, flexible people who can make our customers happy.

Sure, it costs a whole lot more. But you get what you pay for. The first ad will get everyone looking for a job (which is quite a bunch of people). The second ad will only get those people who read that description and see themselves in that role. The ad becomes an automatic filter for you, weeding out many of the undesirables.

Plus, that second ad might get the interest of someone who never knew she was perfectly suited to work for you. She would have ignored the first ad.

When it comes to classifieds, you get what you pay for. More importantly, you get what you ask for. So ask for exactly what you want. It is worth paying a little more.

-Phil Wrzesinski

PS The second ad also gets attention for your business. Someone might read that ad and even though the job is not for them, the description of the position gets them thinking, “Yeah, I’d like to shop somewhere that hires people like that.”

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