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Make One Point

As you prepare your advertising for the holiday season, here is one thing you can do to make your campaign work better.

Make only one point in your ad.

That’s it. One point. No more.

The truth is, most people will neither hear nor see your ad. They are so bombarded with advertising that they have tuned you out. Those that do hear or see it will be distracted by life so they will not be paying much attention because, frankly, your ad just isn’t that important to them either. The remaining few who actually do hear or see your ad and give it the minimal amount of attention will be lucky to remember one point. Which point do you really want them to remember?

Say too much and there is a good chance they will remember nothing or at the most, the wrong thing.

Pick the one most important point you want people to remember and say that. Nothing else. Your ads will be more memorable, and you will get your point across more clearly.

Did I make that clear enough?

-Phil Wrzesinski

PS Don’t know what point to make? Check out my free eBook on branding Understanding Your Brand. Then download the worksheets. You’ll know what point to make soon enough.

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