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Laughter and Delight

Do you remember the last time you laughed while shopping?

Of course you do. Those experiences are memorable. Those moments are what make shopping fun. The store that brings you those memories will easily be your favorite store.

It has to be someone. Might as well be you.

Bob Phibbs just wrote a fantastic post about the importance of laughter in the sales relationship. The more you hire fun, friendly people, the more laughter you will hear on the sales floor. Laughter leads to delight leads to confidence leads to sales.

And it isn’t just for retail. Service companies can use laughter and delight to make customers for life. Here is what a dentist friend of mine just did, told in his own words…

My aim is to delight people.

So I did.

I asked a patient how old her older son is and then we got to talking about how long she’d been coming to our practice. I started in 1988; her first appointment was in 1991. So, as of August, it’s been 20 years. A wonderful patient, stays healthy, comes in every 6 months, has referred friends to us.

So, I go,”It’s our anniversary! Happy Anniversary!”

She and my hygienist laugh, and she says, kinda kidding and without really thinking, “Does that mean I get my teeth whitened for free?”

I said, “You bet!”

And then gave her a hug, and got her scheduled for her whitening, on me.

Do you think she will be talking about him and referring him to ALL of her friends and family? Absolutely! She never dreads going to the dentist because he makes it so wonderful for her.

Engage your customers. Make them smile and laugh. Surprise and delight them. That, my friends, is WOW! Customer Service.

-Phil Wrzesinski


PS Yes, he gave away a free whitening. He did it on a whim and with the only aim being to delight his patient. That is a great example of generosity that will buy him more advertising via word-of-mouth than any advertising he could have bought traditionally. Chalk it up as an advertising expense if you have to, but never be afraid to give it away.

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