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Two Books My Staff Read

I gave my staff an assignment. Read some of the books I have read and give a presentation to the staff. At today’s meeting we had the first two presentations.

Lakisha spoke about the book Poke the Box by Seth Godin (not an affiliate link – I don’t have any of those).

She liked the concept of just initiating something, not being afraid to fail. We have had a couple instances of that recently when Carrie initiated our Birthday Club and Nate created better signage for our JTV Toys of the Week.

The one big lesson from Poke the Box is to always try new things. Not all will work, but if you poke the box and see why it isn’t working you can tweak it and make it work. But if you do not initiate anything, nothing ever gets done or improved.

Darlene had a harder assignment – one of my favorite books – Free the Beagle by Roy H. Williams.

This book is an allegorical story about a Lawyer and his beagle that must take a journey. The story is fairly simple and might remind you of The Wizard of Oz. What is impressive is the layers of learning Mr. Williams has woven into the story. On just one level the lawyer represents our logical left brain while the beagle represents our more creative right brain. There are nine other levels of understanding in the book (and I’ve only uncovered about six).

My favorite part of the book is the discussion that was recorded afterward. Mr. Williams invited a number of people from different backgrounds to give their takes on the book. Their insight is so fascinating that it alone is well worth the cost of admission.

Free the Beagle is great for anyone at a crossroads, anyone who believes they might be on a journey to bigger and better things, or anyone who feels stuck.

This is just one way I empower my staff to grow. I cannot pay them millions of dollars. I cannot offer them cushy benefits. But I can help them on their own journeys in life, help them grow into better people.

You can do the same for your staff. In fact, you should. For all they do for you, you owe it to them.

Some people say, “Yeah, but what if I train them and help them grow and they leave.” Roy Williams replied, “What if you don’t train them and they stay?”

-Phil Wrzesinski


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