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The Magnetic Principle

The power of a magnet to attract is in equal proportion to its power to repel.

That is a universal truth about attraction.

We hear with magnets that opposites attract because the positive pole of one magnet attaches to the negative pole of another. But in reality alignment attracts. For two magnets to hook to each other, they both have to be in the same alignment – heading in the same direction.

The same is true with batteries. Put two batteries into your flashlight facing different directions and the flashlight will not work. But put the batteries in alignment with each other and the light comes on.

The same is true with your advertising. When you clearly state your values, those who are aligned with your values will be attracted. Those who are not aligned with your values will be repelled. Just like the magnet, the stronger you state your values, the stronger the attraction and repulsion.

The problem with most advertising, however, is that we focus on the repulsion.

“I don’t want to anger anyone.”
“I don’t want to be controversial.”
“I don’t want anyone to hate me.”

And we write bland ads that will not offend.
And we wonder why we did not attract new customers to our store.
And we think that maybe we are not reaching the right people.
And we change our medium, but not our bland, white-bread, non-offensive, un-attractive message.

And we get the same results.

Focus your advertising message to attract, not to keep from repelling. Say something powerful enough to move the needle for someone. Roy H. Williams, aka The Wizard of Ads says that if your ad does not get complaints, you have not written a strong enough ad.

Say something powerful and meaningful that aligns strongly with your core values. Do not be afraid to make bold statements. In my current radio ad I start with the line…

“Shop here. Your kids will be smarter…”

The ad started yesterday and I had my first complaint by 9:00am that morning. I also had three people praise me for my ad. If they are complaining or praising, then they are listening.

Be the most powerful attractor you can by making bold, powerful statements aligned with your core values. Then you will get the return on your advertising investment you want.

-Phil Wrzesinski

PS The whole radio ad copy reads as follows… Shop here. Your kids will be smarter. Oh sure, that’s a bold statement to make, but I know it’s true. Need proof? Which is a better method for selling a toy? Because it’s tied to a movie or TV ad or because it has incredible play value requiring brain-stretching imagination? My competitors? They use the former method. I use the latter. Brain-stretching toys guaranteed to make your kids smarter and have more fun. Toy House in downtown Jackson. Smart kids, lots of smiles.

PSS If you need help figuring out your Core Values, download my FREE eBook Understanding Your Brand and the accompanying worksheet. Work it through and email me if you have questions.

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