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Are You Google?

Yes you are! (or at least you should be)

Google is a search engine that helps you sort billions of pages of information into the most relevant answers to your question.

Just like a smart salesperson.

Customers now have more information than ever before. They have spec sheets, reviews, pricing, and a whole lot more. In fact, they are overloaded with information, some of which is not as helpful as it could be.

The smart salesperson works like Google to sort that information so that the customer hears only the most relevant and important information needed to make a decision.

Here is how it works.

The smart salesperson starts by developing a relationship with the customer, getting to know her. Then the smart salesperson begins asking questions to find out not just what the customer wants, but why she wants it. The “why” is the search box, the question that sorts the information. From there, the smart salesperson uses his or her product knowledge to find the most relevant reasons why a certain product solves her needs.

To find the why, the smart salesperson pays close attention to the underlying problem needing to be solved.

“I need a new curtain for my son’s bedroom. The sunlight in the morning is waking him up too soon.” (I need something to make a room completely dark.)

“I need a new TV for the man cave before the playoffs begin.” (I need a TV that shows off sporting events superbly.)

“I am looking for a gift for my seven-year old nephew that lives in California.” (I need something for a young boy I rarely see because he lives so far away that I can ship easily.)

When you understand the why behind the purchase you are better equipped to answer that why with the product and benefits of that product that are most relevant.

Google is only as good as the info you type into the search box. The salesperson is only as good as his or her ability to find out the why behind the purchase. The smart salesperson, therefore, actively seeks out the why.

-Phil Wrzesinski


PS To learn more about the power of WHY check out this TED Talk video by Simon Sinek

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