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Don’t Marry Your Inventory

Marry your spouse. Develop a long-lasting relationship built on love, trust, fun, and shared interests.

But don’t ever marry your inventory.

Your inventory shouldn’t be around for long. It is simply an affair designed to bring you some short-term enjoyment (profit). If it overstays its welcome, you both suffer.

Oh, sure, when you first get your inventory it is exciting and new. There is an infatuation. And people tell you how great your inventory looks with you.

But if it stays around, it starts to look old and tired, and so do you. Be heartless. Kick it to the curb and get something newer and younger and fresher.

(Note: this is the only situation for which I’ll give you this advice, so use it for what it’s worth:-)

-Phil Wrzesinski

PS Yeah, a lot on Inventory Management this week. That’s what happens when I’m divorcing my inventory in our Summer Fun Sale.

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